Camille Folley

Psychologist | Psychotherapist | Consultant

BA (Psych.), BEd (Counselling), MAAPi

Camille has current capacity for new clients.


Camille is a registered psychologist with AHPRA. She has had specialised training and experience primarily in counselling psychology with a special interest in humanistic therapy approaches including, client centred psychotherapy, emotion focussed therapy (EFT), and psychodynamic therapy. Prior to entering private practice, Camille worked in a variety of organisations both within corporate and educational settings.

Camille provides both medium term and longer-term insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy. She is trauma informed and works with clients on a range of issues and has extensive experience in;

  • grief and loss
  • infertility & IVF, pregnancy
  • Relationships – couples counselling
  • gender issues (including support for family members).

Camille has a particular interest in working with people who would like to improve their relationships with others, including within the family, at work, and socially. She works with clients who are committed to developing further insight and finding a deeper connection to themselves and their emotions. Camille is interested in helping people develop greater self awareness through understanding the impact of the past on present behaviours. She is interested in helping people overcome emotional blocks and create lasting change.

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